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DFX2 Lan Patch

Ok, so Novaworld is down and you can't connect to servers, DFX2 never had a LAN either

Lets fix that...

First thing is to change the Menu files to suit, i used and combination of JOTR & DFX2 Menu files
Swapped over the DFX2.exe with the JOTR.exe


Now we have No Activate button and added a LAN button and Player button


Have added a few things to the Option Menu


Click the LAN button and then Host Game
You will see all Multi Player and COOP Maps you can now play.

Working on the Player Menu ATM, will post more when i get it done...


Still working on it as i get time...

Was told someone couldn't join a LAN Server due to files in directory... So i put them into a .pff file and made it like a mod.

1 exe DFX2_Lan.exe and 1 DFX2_Lan.pff file to keep it simple.


Got most of the Fonts work out now so everything looks proper and lot large font. Mission brief looks good now, just the PSP lable to fix on this menu.


I have added the zip for testing, i will update it a i go.
(Deleted, get latest version)

Added a Parachute you can select from Armory or Player Loadout screen.


download DFX2_Lan v1.1

Uploaded files:
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Re Worked the Single Player Mission Screen to show mission brief